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10 Years of the Discmania MD3!
10 Years of the Discmania MD3!
10 Years of the Discmania MD3!

10 Years of the Discmania MD3!

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For a decade this workhorse mid-range remains an icon in the Discmania lineup. From the Discmania first C-Line run all the way to the Iron Samurai 4, MD3 appears in beginner and professional bags alike.

In honor of the MD3 legacy, Discmania has created two special stamps for its 10th anniversary. Pick up both to have a piece of MD3’s past and future!


In honor of the MD3 legacy, Discmania proudly presents a special 10 Year Anniversary Heirloom. As tribute to the inception of this iconic disc, they brought back the very first MD3 stamp with 10 Year Anniversary inscription. Grab a piece of Discmania history with this instant classic design!


This special 10 Year Anniversary stamp illustrates 10 epic revolutions around the sun MD3 has taken us on. As a core mold for the Discmania lineup, it was one of the first for Discmania to Reinvent and continues to help expand their Horizons. This Revolution stamp is a celebration of bringing Discmania' roots with us while we reach for the stars.

Once in a Lifetime

These special celebration stamps will be available in limited quantity, so make sure to get yours while supplies last! This will be the only time the MD3 10 Year Anniversary stamps will be offered.

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

Weight: Clear Whitish Yellow - 178g
             Purple - 176g
             Orange - 178g