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Axiom Proton Soft Hex (OTB Open 2024)
Axiom Proton Soft Hex (OTB Open 2024)
Axiom Proton Soft Hex (OTB Open 2024)

Axiom Proton Soft Hex (OTB Open 2024)

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Proton Soft Hex - Everyone sees something different when they step up to the tee pad and throw a disc. Featured on the Proton Soft Hex, DoubleRam Design brings us a stamp emphasizing the beauty of being unique and breaking out of expectations. The Proton Soft Hex offers unparalleled grip - both in the hand and on landing zones - so you can focus on what matters. Always dependable, defy expectations and find your own game with the 2024 OTB Open Proton Soft Hex!

Mesmerizingly straight, with flight numbers of 5/5/-1/1, the Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag as a versatile and reliably straight midrange. At the highest arm speeds, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat, but the 1 fade keeps it from flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, the Hex has enough turn to make shaping lines a breeze. If you are looking for control in the woods, or simply a versatile line shaper, the Hex is the midrange for you.

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 1

Weight: Purple/Cloudy White & Teal Rim - 174g
             Neon Green/Blue Rim - 173g
             Neon Green/Pink Rim - 174g