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What's coming in 2023 & Team IDGC

What's coming in 2023 for Island Disc Golf Company?

Well, we've got a few exciting things coming your way that's for sure! First of all, how about that we are finally getting back to getting hooked up with Discraft this year (and beyond)! We are super excited to be carrying all your Discraft favourites again and although we may not be able to get everything, we will do our best to make sure that we get whatever we can to make sure we satisfy that Discraft itch!

It's near impossible to get discs from every company that's out there these days but we are trying to add a company or two each year as we continue to grow!

Top Link Disc Golf continues to be our main supplier and we couldn't be happier to continue with that great partnership. Everyone over there is incredible to work with and Ryan personally has been there for IDGC from the start and we continue to build the sport here on PEI together.

Many of you know Ben Smith from Flickline Disc Golf and everything that he has done and continues to do for the sport here on PEI, in the Maritimes and really all across Canada. He has high standards for himself and the work that he does and it shows because everything he touches turns in to a gem. Whether it's a new course, a local event, a National Championship or now...a tournament that's part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (Discmania Open)! So to say that I am beyond pumped to have him in my corner and to continue to work together and partner together, is an understatement!

2023 will also have several clinics held around PEI for all levels to really help grow the sport. Our incredible team this year is made up of some wonderful people that are looking to get out and share the sport from tip to tip with anyone that will listen to them blab on about how amazing disc golf is and everyone should play it (it's all true)!

You'll see us out at lots of tournaments and events! You will see lots of collaborations and doing fun things like setting up a Putting Game at Upstreet (February 25th), a pop-up shop at HopYard some evening for a few hours, hosting a Putting League at PEI Brewing Company (currently happening) and lots more fun events with other fun local businesses and organizations!

Last but not least we will be introducing a new email marketing strategy for our subscribers! Don't worry, it's not going to be like crazy Spam every day or anything like that! A couple times each month we will be sending out nice looking, clean emails that will highlight popular discs of the month, new bags that came in or if there's a hot new release coming out later in the month! We want to do a better job of informing our subscribers what we have available and throwing out a discount or a deal every now and then! That being said, join our mailing list! And continue to follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

And without further our 2023 Team IDGC Members!

Brian Strongman with an Ace at Huck It with his TSA Aura Praxis!

"I've been playing disc golf since 2020. Ive been proudly apart of the IDGC Team for 3 years now. I'm usually out 2 to 3 days a week playing. If I'm not on a disc golf course, I'm usually at one my kids events (hockey, volleyball, judo,etc)

I'm part of the B&C disc golf events (leagues, fund raisers, match play) that you'll see listed on The Facebook.

Some goals for this year is to continue showing/demonstrating Disc Golf in Elementary Schools and Junior High schools in the western end of PEI. Be nice to have a High School league or Match play provincials sometime in the future on PEI.

My favorite course on PEI is Huck it. Favorite off Island is Jomo Acres in N.B. My favorite pro players are Simon Lizotte, Nate Sexton and Kristin Tattar.
My favorites discs to throw are the Westside Stag, TSA Pathfinder and Mantra.
See you out on the courses!!"

Nick Gallant with the Ace on hole 5 at Huck It with his Axiom Fireball that he hardly ever talks about...

"I started playing disc golf in 2020, thanks to team member Brian to get out of the house and have some fun as well as break up the monotony of everything being closed. I quickly fell in love with the game and continue to do so to this day! My goal for 2023 is to continue to improve in my consistency while playing in as many tournaments as my wife allows haha. My favorite pros to watch have to be Simon Lizotte and Paul Ulibarri, I love how they can have fun while playing and chirp their friends during practice rounds.

My favorite disc, as anyone who has ever played a round with me would know, is the Axiom Fireball. It's my go to forehand disc, whether it's a tee shot, a tricky approach or just a scramble the fireball doesn't let me down!

I am super excited to be part of Team Island Disc Golf Company for the 2023 season and look forward to sharing disc golf with anyone who will listen!"

Dave McKearney with an Ace on hole 15 at Hillcrest from the Long tees with his Innova Sidewinder.

"I work as an electrician for Hansen Electric. I started playing disc golf in about 2008/2009 at the old Strathgartney provincial park course.We played with actual frisbees and the targets were 4x4 posts stuck in the ground. After a few years of playing there casually, I discovered Hillcrest in 2012 and was blown away. It took my love for the game to a new level and since then I’ve played over 600 rounds there. I love the sport for the community, competition and getting out in nature with friends.

My goals for 2023 are to perform well in MA1, get my rating up and eventually start competing in MPO at all tournaments. My favourite course is Hillcrest, with Huck it and Glenaladale closely behind. Favourite pros are Calvin Heimburg and Kristen Tattar. Go to discs are the Innova Thunderbird and Sidewinder for drivers. Dynamic Discs Truth and Innova Mako 3 for mids and Discraft Zone/DD Judge for approaching and putting respectively."

Nicole Murphy showing off her scramble game at Huck It.

"I work at the Vet College diagnosing parasites and teaching the lab component of parasites to the vet students.

I started my first round of disc golf in April 2022.  I had a difficult time trying to find someone to take me out and show me how to play the game so I watched youtube videos and taught myself.  I love the outdoors and decided that our dog walks would now be on disc golf courses. I eventually began meeting other disc golfers who started playing with me and giving me tips. The more people I met, the more I played.  I discovered that the disc golf community was very accepting, kind and supportive. I play because I love the challenge and this community is amazing . I also find it an excellent way to be in nature and let a stressful day or week go.

My goals for 2023 are to better all aspects of my game from improving my form to PUTTING! I also plan to play more tournaments, especially in other provinces.  Another goal of mine is to make it much easier for new players to learn through guidance, encouragement, and support.  Videos are a great way to teach yourself  but nothing beats that “in person” touch.  Lastly, I am going to teach my dog Riddle, to be a respectable disc golf dog and leave the discs alone!

It’s difficult to pick a favourite course because they all offer different challenges. I love them all but find myself at Huck it most often lately.  I have the opportunity to play Chuck it afterwards to make myself feel better after a nasty round.

Favourite discs:  Putter: Proxy, Pure, Penrose
                           Mid: Svea, Mind Bender, Kaxe
                           Driver: Sapphire, Falk, Diamond

Julia Campbell and Vinnie getting ready to head out on the course!

Julia started playing disc golf with friends and her family for something to do in Covid times. Unexpectedly, she fell head over heels in love with the sport.

One of Julia's favourite things to do is to take people out to play disc golf for the first time. Watching other people fall in love with the sound of the chains and the sight of a disc soaring through the air has quickly become a passion for her. No one is safe from Julia's attempts to get them to play - friends, family, restaurant and retail staff, strangers on the internet, anyone who shows the slightest inclination or interest…

In 2023, as a member of Team IDGC, Julia looks forward to running events and leagues, playing fun rounds with friends and strangers, and growing our local disc golf community. She also hopes to read 35 books and get more sleep.

Fave course: Chuck It

Fave cardmate: Craig Campbell
Fave pros to watch: Ohn Scoggins and Matty O
Fave discs: Pig 🐷, Origin
Fave disc golf mascot: Vinnie 💜

                         "Disc golf is a personal growth sport." - Zoe AnDyke

Mike Arsenault showing off his Discmania Lizotte Mind Bender Ace on hole 3 at Huck It!

"My most important accomplishments to date in order of importance: 1) Being the proud father of three wonderful children!

Outside of parenthood I enjoy being outside, listening to music, and reading….and occasionally cooking, as long as it’s not just for myself. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to disc golf in the fall of 2019, and haven’t looked back since. It gets me outside, it can be either fun, or competitive, but usually it’s a wonderful mixture of both.

My goals for 2023 are to continue to work on the basics which in turn I hope will improve my play, leading to better results in tournaments, which will increase my rating and will hopefully allow me to be on this years Chowder Cup team.

My favorite course would be Huck It, with all other PEI courses coming close together after. All of the owners are incredible, and Charlie is no exception, when something needs to be done it gets done ASAP!

My favorite tour players are: MPO is have to go with Simon Lizotte, he’s fun to watch, an incredible entertainer, and keeps himself under control during competition. For FPO my favorite is Kristin Tattar, she has raised the bar for the entire FPO division. She’s an incredible athlete, humble, and has an amazing mental attitude.

My favorite discs right now are the Mind Bender (mid range which flies mostly straight and smooth) and the Underworld (fairway driver that can be made to throw straight or go way right if you need it to).

To wrap it up, disc golf saved me from staying indoors too much during the pandemic and now it will likely be an important part of keeping me active for the rest of my life."

Ryker Campbell taking a selfie on the course just so I'd have something to post!

"Hi, I’m Ryker. I’m the youngest member of team IDGC, I started playing disc golf in August of last year. The main reason I play disc golf is because it’s very easy to pick up and I can play in almost any weather. In 2023 I hope to play in at least 10 tournaments, get my first ace, and meet as many disc golfers as I can.

My favourite course is Huck it, my favourite discs include the thought space mantra, the innova Mako3, and the kastaplast berg, and I love to watch Jeremy Koling and Paige Pierce playing their rounds."

Ryan Cheverie getting ready to bomb a drive at Glenaladale Disc Golf Course!

I am a graduate student in the Master of Environmental Science program at UPEI, with a passion for the outdoors. With any free time, you can find me at the nearest disc golf course, mountain biking, skiing, out for a hike, or slinging beers down at Craft Beer Corner. On top of disc golf, I am also currently a member of the UPEI track team.

I started playing disc golf the fall of 2020 when a couple of my buddies took me out to play for the first time, and I was hooked right away. I play disc golf as an additional way to get some of my competitiveness out, but often it is directed towards myself and always trying to shoot better than the last time I played. I also find that disc golf is a great activity to do with friends of all activity and skill levels, so it makes it approachable for anyone.

My goals for the 2023 season, are to pick up where I ended the 2022 season and aim to win my first MA-1 tournament, my finish in the final tournament of my season in Hillsborough where the pieces finally started to come together really got me excited for this coming season.

Favourite Course: Huck-it
Favourite Pros: Calvin Heimberg, Kristin Tattar
Favourite Discs: Discmania Rainmaker (Putter), Discraft Buzzz (Midrange), and Innova Eagle (Fairway Driver)

Craig Campbell showing off his classic Ricky Pro Pig Signature Disc...another ace!

"I'm 38 years old, 2 kids (girls 10 and 9), 1 wife, 2 cats and one dog. I'm a typical nerd at heart, very much still in to video games, and used to obsess over guitar. That obsession has definitely been replaced by disc golf. I work as an IT Specialist with the Canada Revenue Agency, and NO I cannot do anything about your tax bill!
Started playing disc golf in September 2020, but definitely knew it was a thing for quite some time seeing the basket at Hillcrest for years. 2020 was chaos work wise and finding disc golf when I did definitely helped my mental health and general sanity after such a silly year.

I play because I love it. Competition, personal improvement, playing with friends, being out in the woods ... all amazing. I'm a big disc nerd and love researching new molds and disc companies. The whole science behind it is very interesting to me.
In 2023 I am looking to improve my rating while playing as many off-island tournaments as possible. I have a personal goal of reaching a 925 rating by end of year, which will maybe be enough to be considered for the PEI Chowder Cup team."

Favorite course: Huck It / Chuck It
Favorite course on tour: Maple Hill
Favorite male pros: Simon Lizotte and Calvin Heimburg
Favorite female pros: Kristin Tattar and Ella Hansen

Drivers: Innova Star Wraith, Innova Barsby Roadrunner, Clash Soda
Mids: TSA Glow Pathfinder, Innova Champ Glow Toro, Innova champion Jay
Putters: Innova KC Pro Firefly, Innova Glow Pro Pig, Discraft Jawbreaker Fierce

James Mallard with his prize after winning Week 2 of Putting League at PEIBC!

James has always enjoyed competing in sport. Whether it was soccer, rugby, or now disc golf, his ambition to learn and grow as an athlete has been a catalyst in his development.

Although he was first introduced to disc golf by a friend in 2016, James didn’t come to own his first disc until nearly three years later. Like many other disc golfers starting out, he wasn’t a natural, but always had an interest in learning more about the sport.

In the time since then, James has competed in over 40 tournaments, and continually looks for opportunities to grow as a player, and as an ambassador of the sport. Over the next several months he will be traveling throughout the United States attending disc golf tournaments, and helping offer disc golf clinics across PEI with the Island Disc Golf Company and Disc Golf PEI.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for James at some of his favourite disc golf courses: Huck-It, Rose Valley, and Glenaladale!

Favourite Pro Players: Calvin Heimburg Ohn Scoggins

James’ most used discs: Putter: EV7 Penrose Midrange: Discraft Zone Driver: Innova Destroyer

Alan Gallant with the practice shot ace with his Axiom Rhythm! I say it counts!

"I started playing disc golf in August 2020 and I’ve been addicted ever since the very first round. I love getting out and playing at my home course, Huck-It, a couple of times per week. Disc golf has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people both locally and at off-island tournaments. I hope that I able to attend many tournaments again this year.  

Goals for the year are to improve my overall game and be more consistent when throwing shots.

Some of my favorite discs. MVP Ohm, Dynamic Discs Judge, Axiom Pyro, Latitude 64 Trust, MVP Rhythm, Axiom Wrath and Discraft Undertaker

Logan Richard with the ace pose on hole 13 at Hillcrest with his MVP Atom!

"I am a songwriter and performing artist based in Charlottetown, PE. I started playing frisbee golf (throwing an ultimate frisbee at a wooden marker) at Strathgartney when I was a young one, and thus the transition into disc golf in 2017 was fairly easy. 

I play disc golf because it is a great way to get outside, be with nature, but also challenge and push myself. It is a great way to spend time with friends, and get some fresh air. And also I love throwing discs..

In 2023 I want to play a few more tournaments, but mostly I want to use my platform as a somewhat public figure to promote the sport, and get more folks engaged and in the sport."

Favourite Course: Huck It 
Favourite male pro: Nate Sexton
Favourite female pro: Page Pierce
Favourite Discs: Innova Sidewinder, MVP Switch, Thought Space Athletic Pathfinder, MVP Atom

Oliver had a huge year of growth in 2022 winning or coming Top 3 in most tournaments he played in!

Oliver is a student at Kinkora Regional High School and he loves the outdoors.

He was introduced to disc golf by Charlie McCardle; the owner and operator of Huck it and Chuck it disc golf in Middleton, PEI. Oliver spent the summer of 2021 & 2022 working with Charlie to get chuck it cleaned up and ready to be played. Oliver received his first discs for Christmas 2019 and has been hooked ever since.

Oliver’s highlight from 2022 was getting to go over to Nova Scotia to play for the second time in the Chowder cup to represent PEI. His Dad also took him on a trip of a lifetime down to Maple Hills Disc Golf Course! Some of his goals for 2023 are to improve his putting and work on his consistency. 

Favourite Discs: Driver - Prodigy D1 & FX-3, Throwing Putter - Prodigy PModel US, Putting Putter- Prodigy PModel S

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