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Understanding your Discs: What do those numbers mean?

Speed: The first number is the speed of the disc and how hard it needs to be thrown in order for it to work correctly. Beginners will want to use a lower speed disc to be able to see the proper shape (flight) of your disc. Usually a speed anywhere from 4-9 and the scale goes from 1-14.

Glide: The second number is the glide and is the disc's ability to keep loft (stay in the air) longer. The scale for Glide goes from 1-7 and beginners should look for something with a higher loft (4-7).

Turn: The third number is turn and it's the disc's ability to turn over to the right (for a right hand backhand throw) during the initial part of the disc's flight. The scale for Turn goes from 1 to -5 with 1 being least likely to turn over and -5 the most. Beginners should look to use a lower number from 0 to -3.

Fade: The fourth number is fade and is the disc's tendency to hook left at the end of it's flight (for RHBH). The scale for Fade is 0-5 and beginners should use a disc from about 0-2.

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