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The IDGC 2021 Season

As the leaves start to fall and the temperatures begin to drop, it marks the end of another season of disc golf. But wait, what's that glowing through the dark night sky? Those are glow discs! So yes, even though our "normal season" of disc golf may be coming to an end there is still lots of glow being played and let's be honest...just because the evenings are shorter and the snow could start to fall any day no way does that mean that disc golf on PEI will slow down over the next several months! This sport is played year round so get those toques out, gloves on, ribbons tied to your discs and get ready for the "2nd season" of disc golf here across PEI!

2021 has been an incredible year of disc golf with amazing growth of the sport and growth of our business here at IDGC. We've seen courses pop up left, right and center across the Island at schools, Town Hall's and various communities where they had some extra green space to make use of. Charlie over at Huck It built an amazing Par 3 course called Chuck It (he is beyond proud of coming up with that name haha) and then the maybe not so secret build of a new Championship level course by Ben Smith and his company Flickline at a location that will still remain as much of a secret to some as it can be! Hillcrest is now in the process of adding Gold tees to their already spectacular course with the hopes of having them ready for the 2022 Canadian Nationals (yes, PEI is hosting once again)! And they are following suit with Charlie's success of Chuck It and designing a Par 3 Micro Course of their own. Lastly, I can't forget to mention Rose Valley Disc Golf Course and the significant strides it has taken this year in cleaning up the fairways, making tweaks to certain holes and also slightly changing the layout to what their original plan was in the beginning. Kudos to those guys for putting in a lot of work this season!

So much to be thankful for on PEI being a disc golfer and things are only getting bigger and better. If you haven't thrown your first disc yet, I highly recommend you give it a try but don't blame me when you get hooked! It happens to the best of us!

Business has grown significantly for us this year and it was unbelievable to witness firsthand. Our inventory continues to grow month to month because of the strong demand from the disc golf community. We are so incredibly happy to be able to serve all of you here on PEI (and across the Maritimes and sometimes beyond!). I love being able to have on hand the discs that you're looking for and if I don't have them then I'll do everything I can to make sure I can as soon as they are available to me. It's crazy exciting all the new discs that are coming out every year and it's great being able to have the most popular ones for you to grab! Big thanks to Ryan and the whole crew over at Top Link Disc Golf for being so great to work with and deal with on a day to day basis to make sure that we are fully stocked to the best of our ability! The sport has been growing all over the world and the demand for discs and other equipment is through the roof so we appreciate their continued strong partnership!

To the 2021 Island Disc Golf Team:
Thank you for being such amazing ambassadors for not only IDGC but for the sport itself! This was the first year that I assembled a team and I don't think I could have picked any better players!

Brian Strongman - Brian has only been playing disc golf for just over a year now but as you all probably know he has dove in head first! He loves the game and loves to try (almost) every disc that we get in here and he loves to share all his favourite discs with the community and where you can get!
Favourites: Putt/Approach - Discmania Razor Claw (Tactic)
                   Midrange - Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
                   Driver - Latitude64 Fury

Ellen Dixon - One of the best female players on the Island and probably in the Maritimes! Her game has grown in a big way over the 2021 season which ultimately has landed her a spot on team RPM! She is a big advocate for Women's Disc Golf and has really helped grow that side of the game on PEI.
Favourites: Putt/Approach - RPM Ruru
                   Midrange - Dynamic Discs Emac Truth
                   Driver - Dynamic Discs Felon

Oliver Murphy - Oliver is only 14 years old and hasn't been playing disc golf that long but boy did he pick up on it quickly. He is easily becoming one of the best Junior players around and has developed in to quite the bomber! He has been awesome for spreading the word of disc golf to his friends and trying to get that age group hooked on the sport!
Favourites: Putt/Approach - Discmania P2
                   Midrange - Dynamic Discs Emac Truth
                   Driver - Innova Wraith

Rafe Hambly - Another Junior player that has really set the tone for his age on PEI. At 18 years old and attending Charlottetown Rural, he had a big hand in getting the 9 hole course built there and helped put it together. Rafe has been playing disc golf for a few years now develops his game further and further each year. He is now off to university but comes back as often as he can to see his family and play some of the best courses in Canada.
Favourites: Putt/Approach - Dynamic Discs Suspect
                   Midrange - Discraft Buzzz
                   Driver - Discraft Nuke

James Mallard - James is a unique disc golf story to say the least haha. James has only been playing for just over a year now but definitely has more rounds played than you, me and your 5 best disc golf buddies put together! James is a natural talent and in a very short time has established himself as one of the best on PEI and across the Maritimes. In 2021, he took a step forward and started competing in the MPO divisions where he one several tournaments. He even took part in a Pro Tour competition in Ontario where he gained some valuable experience!
Favourites: Putt/Approach - MVP Glow Envy
                   Midrange - Innova Roc
                   Driver - Innova Destroyer

Myself and our team have been out to a lot of tournaments this season and it is awesome to be that disc golf presence at each event. I've heard from a lot of people that having an actual disc golf business set up and selling makes them feel more legit and definitely more fun (because we all know it's fun to at least look haha). I have also done several clinics throughout 2021 all over the Island for different Rec Departments, schools, community groups and even a few private clinics this summer!

As busy as disc golf has been this year, I have been even more busy with the birth of our beautiful daughter Maren! I may not have gotten out myself to play as much as I normally would this year but the reason for not is the best reason in the world and wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.

Thank you to the Disc Golf Community on PEI for an amazing year and thank you to my incredible team for spreading the good word of disc golf and promoting Island Disc Golf Company to your friends and family.

We are looking forward to growing even more in 2022 and taking our own strides within the business. I have always wanted to run my own business and this has been honestly an amazing journey so far! Looking forward to being able to provide all Islanders with everything you need to get started in this amazing sport and to help all others flourish and develop your game!

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