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The 2022 Season & Team IDGC

Hello 2022! Boy are we all excited to see what you have in store for us this year and please in the words of Dr. Heather Morrison "Be Kind" to us!

Since we started in May 2019, disc golf has grown at an amazing pace and I don't expect this year to be any different. The business plan that I put together for IDGC wasn't only about starting a business and seeing it grow. It was also about growing the sport itself and trying to introduce as many people as possible to it so they could see firsthand how incredible it is. Heading in to our 3rd year, I feel like we have done a pretty solid job of that to this point and it is only going to continue to get bigger and better. Don't get me wrong, there's been a lot of people that have helped grow this sport on PEI including the newly put together Disc Golf PEI Association and Red Isle Disc Golf. Two organizations that are designed to grow the sport, introduce it to new people, host events and tournaments all across the Island and to be able to provide information, guidance and tips about all things disc golf.

Here are a few things that we plan to accomplish in 2022:

  • Continue to be your main source for all things disc golf on PEI and across the Maritimes
  • Continue to be a leader in terms of being able to get all the best and newest equipment from the best companies around the world.
  • Host clinics around PEI to introduce this amazing sport to all ages
  • Help get disc golf in to as many schools across PEI as possible
  • Work with and partner with communities, associations, organizations and individuals to provide support, guidance, information and ideas on new course development and new programs/leagues
  • Be a main contributor and partner for all PEI Tournaments and leagues
  • Be a sponsor at the 2022 Canadian National Disc Golf Championships
  • Continue to give support to all our amazing courses across PEI
  • Support Team IDGC in every way we can to help them succeed and build upon their own game

I have a lot of other things that I want to be able to accomplish but I better leave some room for growth in the coming years! Again, we are looking forward to another strong year and to everyone reading I just want to say thank you for your continued support and helping to grow the sport we all love!

And now what you've all been waiting for...Team IDGC 2022! Thank you to everyone that showed interest and put their name forward...I honestly wasn't expecting the response that I received and it really shows how passionate the disc golf community on PEI really is.

First of all, I would like to give a huge welcome to our newest members Tannis Wood, Dan Hendricken & Ryan Cheverie!

Meet Team IDGC 2022:

Brian Strongman:
Brian started playing disc golf in June of 2020. He's been part of the IDGC team since 2021. Brian has over 400 rounds logged in Udisc, so he's out playing quite often. When he's not out flinging discs, he's spinning vinyl at home on the turntable, or involved with his kids (Madalynn and Emerson) sports or activities.

Goals for 2022 to continue to finish top 5 or better in tournaments he plays. To ace all the holes at Chuck it. He currently has aced 8 of the 18 holes and to birdie holes 1 and 13 at Huck it. Brian also wants to get more of the western part of the Island to get introduced and into the greatest sport ever of Disc Golf and work on his putting. Brian's involved with helping IDGC team with a putting league coming up and helping run some leagues at Huck and Chuck it.

Favorites things about disc golf is being outside, meeting new friends, introducing people to disc golf, playing rounds with his buddies and seeing Owls on the course at Huck it.

Favorites: Course - Huck it, Male Pro - Eagle McMahon, Female Pro - Kristen Tattar, Amateur - Cyril "Mustang" Williams
Discs: Driver - Thought Space Animus/Axiom Tenacity, Fairway - Innova Dark Rebel, Mid - Thought Space Pathfinder/Westside Anvil, Putter - No favorites. Dislike them all haha it's his weakness

Ellen Dixon:
Ellen works as a Physiotherapist in Charlottetown and she most recently in 2021 was recruited to be part of the RPM Disc Golf Team!

Ellen started playing casually in 2019, but with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over in 2020, she really got into disc golf. She enjoyed how it allowed her to get outside and be active when everything else was shut down. Since then Ellen has been competing in tournaments in the Maritimes.

She helped organize the Women's Global Event in May 2021 for PEI and a women's league that summer. Ellen hopes to get more women involved in the sport at both the recreational and competitive levels.

Favorite Discs: Putter - RPM Ruru, Mid - Dynamic Discs EMac Truth, Driver - RPM Kahu

Ryan Cheverie:
Ryan is a Masters of Science candidate at UPEI, studying conservation and genetics of endangered plants. He spends a great deal of time in the outdoors and because of this found disc golf to be a perfect fit.

Ryan was introduced to disc golf in the fall of 2020 and was hooked immediately. He began playing tournaments in the spring of 2021, and the competition added an additional attractiveness to a sport he was beginning to love. At any available opportunity he’s at the disc golf course, and is looking forward to the new courses opening this summer.

His goals for the 2022 season are to: 1. Get an outright tournament win in MA1 2. Be able to drive consistently over 500ft

Favourite Discs: Putter - Discmania Logic/Latitude 64 Pure, Mid - Discmania Origin, Driver: Innova TS Teebird 3/Latitude 64 Recoil

Dan Hendricken:
Dan Hendricken is a comedian originally from PEI.

He was introduced to disc golf in the fall of 2020 and immediately fell in love with the easy to pick up, difficult to master nature of the sport. As he started playing regularly, he was introduced to all the great aspects of the game that come along with it, such as the strong and accepting community, getting out in nature with friends and of course nerding out on all the different discs.

Goals for 2022 are to Podium in a tournament, Check out all Nova Scotia has to offer in Disc Golf, and help grow the sport as much as he can.

Favourite Discs: Putter - Innova Aviar3, Mid - Discmania Origin, Driver - Latitude 64 Explorer

Oliver Murphy:
Oliver is a student at Kinkora Regional High School and he loves the outdoors.

He was introduced to disc golf by Charlie McCardle; the owner and operator of Huck it and Chuck it disc golf in Middleton, PEI. Oliver spent the summer of 2021 working with Charlie to get chuck it cleaned up and ready to be played. Oliver received his first discs for Christmas 2019 and has been hooked ever since.

Oliver’s highlight from 2021 was getting to go over to New Brunswick to play his first course off island and play in the Chowder cup. Some of his goals for 2022 are to improve his putting and work on his consistency. 

Favourite Discs: Driver - Prodigy X3, Mid - Dynamic Discs EMac Truth, Putter- Discmania P2

James Mallard:
James is a unique disc golf story to say the least haha. James has only been playing for just over a year now but definitely has more rounds played than you, me and your 5 best disc golf buddies put together! James is a natural talent and in a very short time has established himself as one of the best on PEI and across the Maritimes. In 2021, he took a step forward and started competing in the MPO divisions where he won several tournaments. He even took part in a Pro Tour competition in Ontario where he gained some valuable experience!

Favourite Discs: Putter - EV-7 Penrose, Midrange - Innova DX Roc, Driver - Innova Star/Halo Destroyer

Rafe Hambly:
Rafe is a former Junior turned Amateur player who has spent the last 6 years playing disco golf and setting the tone for other young players in the Maritimes.

He has competed in numerous MDGA Tour events, including three national championships.

A graduate of Charlottetown Rural and current student at Acadia University, Rafe is no stranger to education and has used his connections in PEI schools to help get the Raiders Disc Golf Course built and has taught over 200 students the sport of disc golf.

Favorite Discs: Putt/Approach - Dynamic Discs Harp/Suspect (Too close to decide!), Midrange - Discraft Buzzz, Driver - Discmania FD2 (Fairway) / Discraft Nuke (Distance)

Tannis Wood:
Tannis was introduced to disc golf in the spring of 2020 (attended a Come Try by IDGC), where in which she fell in love with the sport. You could find her up till 3 in the morning watching and studying the game. When she's not on the course you can find her at the hockey rink playing, reffing, or mentoring future referees.

She is currently on mat leave after the birth of her first child Kennidy in Jan 2022.

Her hopes this year is to participate in many tournaments in PEI and off island, as she loves to meet new people and talk shop about disc golf. You can find Tannis out on the course with her family and dog waffles even up to 40 weeks pregnant.

Favorite Discs: Driver - Discmania FD1, Mid - EMac Truth, Putter - Dynamic Discs Deputy

Thank you for reading and we will see you out on the course soon!

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