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Team IDGC 2024

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post...

I'd like to take a minute to recognize and thank all of our incredible Team Members from 2023! When you join our team, it isn't just about spreading the Island Disc Golf Company brand. It's also about helping grow the sport across PEI and throughout the Maritimes by leading clinics, attending events, doing demos at community festivals and even volunteering to showcase the sport off to schools all across the Island! All of you did an incredible job doing that all while representing Island Disc Golf Company with great pride and professionalism!

This year I decided to take a different route with putting the team together by not advertising and hand picking the last few spots that had opened up. I apologize to anyone that was looking forward to the opportunity to apply but this made sense to me at least for the 2024 season.

There are some familiar names and faces on Team IDGC 2024 and a few new ones too! I am super excited for the upcoming season for many reason including seeing what our members will accomplish on the course and off the course! They are eager and have some amazing ideas for different things we are going to try to do to help grow the sport and grow my small business that will be turning 5 this coming May!


Let's start things off with a guy that's been on the team since we started it...Brian Strongman!

"I've been playing disc golf since 2020. Ive been proudly apart of the IDGC Team for 4 years now. I'm usually out 2 to 3 days a week playing. If I'm not on a disc golf course, I'm usually at one my kids events (hockey, volleyball, judo, etc...) or a concert 🙂

Some of the things I enjoy mostly about disc golf, is playing a round or two with friends, meeting new friends, seeing someone have or make that throw that adds even more excitement into their game. Other benefits are getting outside, taking in nature and it's really good for your mental health. Throwing discs can cure a bad day in a hurry!

Goals for the year are to play a few more tournaments and try to have a 18 hole course up west somewhere!

My favorite pro players are Simon Lizotte, James Proctor and Nate Sexton.

My favorites discs to throw are the Westside Stag, TSA Pathfinder and Mantra. Which are all available at IDGC!!

See you out on the courses!!"

*And sorry ladies, he is indeed taken off the market already!*


Next up is another familiar face...Nick Gallant!

"I started disc golf during the pandemic and got hooked right away. This sport has opened my eyes to the fun that can be had while being the most peaceful and frustrating thing I have done haha.

This will be my third season as a member of Team IDGC and couldn’t be happier representing a company that goes above and beyond introducing and maintaining people with the passion all of us on the team share!

I would consider myself your average player in the way I try to play smart but if things go sideways I’m the first person to say “This could be dumb” and throw the shot anyway.

This season to go with IDGC I am in my first season of representing Team Lone Star Discs and am happy to see their plastic available through Island Disc Golf Company for more people to have the chance to try new brands they may not have thought of! Currently I’m still learning my new discs but am excited to see what the season brings.

This year I’m hoping to take part in some off island tournaments and rep IDGC the best way I can and help spread the gospel that is disc golf!"


Entering their 2nd year...Julia Campbell!

"I am very happy to be a member of Team IDGC for another year. It’s exciting to have new team members to work with and to continue working with some of the same crew!

I am a queer person living in Summerside with my husband (Craig), our children (aged 10 & 11), our two cats (Mo & Charlie) and our rescue dog (Vinnie). I like to read books, listen to audiobooks, create art, listen to music, drink coffee, play boardgames, and spend time with my people.

My intentions for the 2024 disc golf season are to play casual rounds; to play consistently; to get back to enjoying the game. I look forward to learning the new discs I’ve picked up over the last couple years and falling back in love with my old standby favourites.

Most Recent Disc Purchases: Clash Steady Cookie & Neptune Natalie Ryan Tour Series Marlin

Old Standby Favourites: Discmania Origin, Glow Ricky Pro Pig, Mako3 (so much sentimental value; lost it at RV in spring 2022, came back to me fall 2023 💜)

Skill Focus for 2024: Forehand and Putting

Personal Disc Golf Motto: Low Expectations, Lots of Celebrations

2024 Disc Golf Challenge: Play each PEI course at least once within the calendar year."


Also entering his 2nd year...Craig Campbell!

"Not much has changed for me from the 2023 - 2024 season. One year older, kids are growing (10 and 11 years old), my wife (Julia, also on the team) is turning 40 before me ... all is well.

Disc golf is still a passion of mine. Hasn't changed. I am still a disc / gear nerd, and if it was possible, would probably like to try every single mold available from all of the companies. The physics of the flight just fascinates me, how two discs can look virtually identical, but a little change in the parting line location, or a few grams of weight can cause drastically different flight patterns. Throwing that perfect shot is still 'the chase' every single time I play. The physical activity is getting more and more important as I am generally trying to live a better life health and fitness wise.

Goals for this year are to continue to improve my rating. I get to officially make the jump up to age protected divisions (40+) which I am happily doing to get away from all you darn young people starting earlier in life, and crushing the disc. I get to play tournaments now with the same crew I play with on casual rounds, so rated rounds are going to be super fun and competitive. Moving up to the 40+ divisions might make it easier for me to achieve my goal to play on the Chowder Cup, but I am going to have a great year. 2023 did not go to plan on that front.

I plan to play as many tournaments as possible, roaming around the Maritimes. If I get my behind in gear and finally get my passport, a trip down to Maine might be in the cards too. I've heard good things.

Always grateful to be included on the team, and spreading the word of IDGC."

Favorite local course: Huck It
Favorite course on tour: Any of the European ones
Favorite male pros: Simon Lizotte and Calvin Heimberg
Favorite female pros: Kristin Tattar and Ohn Scoggins

Favorite distance drivers: Innova Star Wraith, Innova Halo Star Mamba, TSA Nebula Ethereal Construct
Favorite fairway drivers: Innova Halo Star Leopard 3, DGA Cole Redalen Tour Series Swirl Pipeline, Latitude64 Opto-Ice Orbit River
Favorite mid ranges: Discmania Kyle Klein Meta Origin, Innova Star Rollo, Innova Hailey King Star Halo Jay, Innova Star Toro, Kastaplast K3 Stig
Favorite putters: Innova Nexus Firefly, Innova Signature series Pro Pig, Innova Nexus Animal, MVP Neutron Watt, Innova Halo Star Aviar3


Entering his first year...Anthony Millar!

Anthony has been playing disc golf since 2020. He loves playing the sport as it's a great workout, a great way to enjoy the outdoors and an awesome way to meet lots of new people.

Anthony loves introducing people to the sport and has a goal of growing the sport in Western PEI.

Anthony enjoys fundraising and runs a yearly event called "Huck Cancer" to raise money for the O'Leary community hospital.

His favorite disc's are the Discmania FD3 and Dynamic disc Truth.

His goals in 2024 are to get a new course created in the Tyne Valley area, improve his personal game and spend more time on the course with his oldest son!


Super excited for this up and comer...Megan Gallant!

"My disc golf journey began in 2020, much like many others. It started by accompanying my dad, who also developed a deep love for the sport. What began as a way to spend time together transformed into a determination to show these old guys up on the course.

Upon my move to Halifax amidst the challenges of Covid, disc golf provided comfort. Playing solo rounds at Hammonds Plains Disc Golf Course felt like having my PEI disc golf squad with me, easing feelings of homesickness. Taking a leap, I participated in my first tournament, and the friendship and support from fellow female players instantly hooked me! Deciding to register for more tournaments, I committed to taking my game more seriously, with Iron Leaf becoming a personal favorite.

Favorite Disc: Blue F5 “Kevin”
Fun fact: Almost all my discs are pink, except for Kevin.
Favorite shot: Thumber
Goals for this year: Have fun playing outside with the most incredible group of people ever (beat the golden girls).

Looking forward to another summer of competition! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of #IslandDiscGolfcompany 2024 team!!!"


One of our young guns...Ryker Campbell!

"Hi, I’m Ryker. I started playing disc golf in August of 2022. The main reason I play disc golf is because it’s very easy to pick up and I can play in almost any weather. In 2024 I’m hoping to be more competitive in higher levels of players, and to shoot more consistently in tournaments.

My favourite course is Hillcrest, my favourite discs include the Thought Space Athletics Mantra, and Pathfinder also the Discmania Cloudbreaker DD3’s.

I’m so happy to be representing IDGC for another year!"


Another of our young guns...oops no sorry...the opposite...Alan Gallant!

"I started playing disc golf in August 2020 and I’m still hooked. I love getting out and playing as often as I can with my daughter and friends. The disc golf community has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people both locally and off island, who I now call friends. I love the challenge that disc golf provides and try to treat every course and shot as a new puzzle waiting to be figured out.

Goals for the year are to keep on improving by working on my putting and shot shaping with the ‘aim’ on becoming consistent when attempting to hit lines."

Favorite discs are: MVP Ohm, Watt, and Signal; Axiom Pyro and Rhythm; Prodigy A3; Discmania Origin, Instinct, and Enigma


This kid has been part of Team IDGC since the start...Oliver Murphy!

Oliver had a huge year of growth once again in 2023 winning or coming Top 3 in most tournaments he played in!

Oliver is a student at Kinkora Regional High School and he loves the outdoors.

He was introduced to disc golf by Charlie McCardle; the owner and operator of Huck it and Chuck it disc golf in Middleton, PEI. Oliver spent the summer of 2021 & 2022 working with Charlie to get chuck it cleaned up and ready to be played. Oliver received his first discs for Christmas 2019 and has been hooked ever since.

Oliver’s highlight from 2023 was getting to go over to Nova Scotia to play for the third time in the Chowder cup to represent PEI. Fun fact: his Dad took him on a trip of a lifetime down to Maple Hills Disc Golf Course!

Some of his goals for 2024 are to improve his putting and work on his consistency.

Favourite Discs: Driver - Prodigy D1 & FX-3, Throwing Putter - Prodigy PModel US, Putting Putter- Prodigy PModel S


Last but not least, entering his 1st year with the team...Doyle Maclellan!

"I am very excited to announce that I will be representing and playing for The Island Disc Golf Company team for the 2024 season.

Last year was my first tournament season where I relied on my forehand approaches and putting. I managed to win at the first DGPEI tour stop at Glenaladale in the MA3 division.

This season I am looking to improve my game, specifically working on backhand shots and adding some distance off the tee. I would love to put together another win as I continue to push my rating up with and accomplish my goal of playing MA1.

Three of my go to discs from my bag would be; Latitude64 Pure, Discmania FD1, and the Axiom Vanish."

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